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About GG3.NET

Choosing a name[top]

GG3.NET a.k.a. is a personal site.

Choosing a name for the domain of your personal site is not an easy thing to do. My concerns about the name were that:

  • the name is not too long
  • the name is easy to remember
  • the name is easily understood when heard
  • the domain name is available

The first two were not very problematic, but choosing a name that is easy to understand when hearing it and not asking “How do you spell it?” was not that easy. Having in mind that I will spend quite a lot of time in Japan, the name was supposed to be easily understandable by Japanese as well, whose language, unfortunately, is has very specific phonetics. This is why I decided on a name that I sometimes used as a nick on the IRC. I am not an IRC fan, but sometimes I was signing in aschubaka. The name was supposed to have the same reading as the famous wookie from “Star Wars” Chewbacca. However, Chewbacca is way too hard to spell out and not as easy to remember, or at least it is not so for me. Also chubaka is much shorter, and probably easier to remember for most of the visitors expected on this site. What’s more is that I have always liked spellings like “warez”, “gamez”, “kombat”, and why not “chubaka”.

Changing the name[top]

After some time however, I wanted an even shorter name. I don’t like the idea of having a domain name that is the same as your real name, but gg3 only vaguely resembles my initials -- G.G.G.. Plus, it was available.

by Georgi Georgiev

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